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LED Module Lights Waterpoof IP65

Hot Sale Compact LED Module Light - Spot Lamp
This compact LED Module Light is fully sealed and it is waterproof in IP65. It is safe and stable under low working voltage: DC3.5V, AC DC12V or DC24V is available. And there are different lighting colors and bean angles for a wide application range.
CE and RoHS certificated, 2 years warranty.

Product Features:
1. This series LED module light use sophisticated aluminum shell, and anodized surface will not rust;
2. Light weight and compact, easy to install
3. AC and DC 12Volt dual-use low voltage, do not worry about the wrong wiring, safe and reliable
4. Fully sealed design, waterproof rating up to IP65;
5. Different lighting colors and beam angles for the different application

Can be used for Luminous characters, the back light of ultra-thin light boxes, showcase lighting, interior lighting, building wall decorative lighting, advertising lighting, aquarium equipment, bathroom (lighting for bathtub) and other industries.


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